Enjoying the Kushiro River (Midstream)

The Kushiro River’s midstream is a place where you can indulge in the Kushiro Marsh. Located in this area is Tsurui Village, a place famous for the Japanese crane, which has become a symbol of the Kushiro Marsh. In winter, many visitors come to see the flocks of Japanese cranes at the Tsurumidai and the Tsurui-Ito Sanctuary. Shibecha Town, another town in the area, is famous for its vast stretches of land and numerous viewing spots, such as the Tawadaira Observatory. The main industry in this area is dairy farming, and with its expansive pastoral landscape and relaxed atmosphere, a visit here will give you the quintessential Hokkaido experience.


There are also plenty of spots here where you can fully experience the Kushiro Marsh, such as the Kottaro and Sarubo Viewpoints, and the Onnenai Visitor Center. We recommend you visit several spots to enjoy the different views, or take a stroll on the boardwalk to see the marsh up close. You can also indulge yourself deeper in nature with a canoe tour through Lake Toro and the Kushiro Marsh. With very few steep gradients, Kushiro River is ideal for a slow, gentle ride, allowing you to enjoy the chirping of birds, or the occasional sighting of wild animals.