Enjoying the Kushiro River (Upstream)

The Kushiro River originates from Lake Kussharo in Teshikaga Town. This town has plenty of hot spring areas, including the famous Kawayu Onsen and Mashu Onsen. It is also home to Lake Mashu, one of the clearest lakes in the world. The lake is famous for its deep blue color called “Mashu Blue”, visible on sunny days. When the sun sets, the clean air of the lake makes it the perfect place to see the star-filled night sky. When the moon rises, you can marvel at the mystical view of the moonlight reflected on the lake’s surface.


Enjoy the feeling of fresh air and water when you ride a canoe from the Kushiro River’s calm headwaters. Maneuver through the fallen trees while paddling forward on the river’s narrow parts. From time to time, you may even get to see river springs or fish swimming in the clear waters. This canoe ride lets you become one with nature.