Enjoying the Kushiro River (Downstream)

At the Hosooka Observatory, you can enjoy magnificent views of the meandering Kushiro River, the vast Kushiro Marsh, and the twin peaks of Oakan-dake and Meakan-dake. It is also a popular spot for watching the sunset. A ride on the Kushiro Shitsugen Norokko train in summer or the Fuyu-no-Shitsugen Steam Locomotive in winter will give you another unique view of the marsh. You’ll probably notice that the river here starts to get wider as it nears its exit to the ocean.


Kushiro Town is the place where the waters of the Kushiro Marsh and the Kushiro River converge as they head towards the Pacific Ocean. Here there are many good spots to see the gently flowing Kushiro River, such as the Hosooka Observatory and the Iwabokki Floodgate. The town is also known for its oysters, sea urchins, salmon, kelp, and other delicious seafood.